Solar power your world in just 60 minutes

Clean - Affordable - 24/7 - Grid Quality Electricity Delivered by Masar Box

Helping businesses and communities plug and play into solar

Masar offers a containerized clean power station with integrated storage. An ideal solution for powering remote off-grid locations from telecom towers to rural villages and temporary houses & offices for construction in the Middle East, Africa & the Global Sun Belt.

High Quality

Powering your business or a village of 250 homes, we build every Masar Box with top-quality solar panels and storage.

Custom built

We customise every box to fit your power needs as well as optimise your financial returns to provide you more control for the future.


With our manufacturers warranties & guarantees covering all components, you can be sure your investment is protected.

Our mission is to make going solar simple & easy

We have partnered with industry leading technology combined to provide an intelligent, connected power station suitable for applications including:

• Rural Electrification
• Emergency hospitals and refugee camps
• Remote farms
• Telecom towers
• Temporary offices & housing for construction
• Festival and events

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How much can solar save you?

Even though the upfront costs for the Masar Box are higher, in just a couple of years you are better off than utilising any local fuel-based power generation.

• 10x lower maintenance than diesel
• 100x more convenient than diesel
• Zero marginal cost of fuel
• 99% less diesel (for electricity)

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Founded by serial entrepreneur Mo El‑Fatatry

The company was named one of the Leading Innovators in Renewables & Storage and currently sits on SolarPower Europe’s Task Force on Solar Power & Storage.

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