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Masar is ushering a new era of smart energy & wireless access in the Middle East, Africa and the Global Sun Belt.


world csr congress 2017

2/2017: Masar wins Global Green Future Leadership Award at the World CSR Congressin in Mumbai.

1/2017: Masar joins the Maersk Global Acceleratordk in Copenhagen.

12/2016: Masar wins TEDxAmsterdamfi Award in Amsterdam.

11/2016: Masar joins the Telecom Infra Project along with Facebooknl, Intelnl, T-Mobilede & Nokiafi to accelerate the deployment of wireless access to the most remote areas of the world through OpenCellular.

10/2016: Masar joins official Team Finlandfi ministerial delegation to Cairoeg representing the greenest country in the world.

9/2016: Masar delivers TBLI Nordicnl presentation at Nasdaq Stockholmse (watch video interview).

7-8/2016: Masar named among the top 5 Renewables & Storage startups at Shell Energy Festnlin Amsterdam.

6/2016: Masar Founder & CEO for 3rd time among entrepreneurs addressed by President Obama at the Global Entrepreneurship Summitnl in Silicon Valley.

ges 2016

5/2016: Masar joins leading companies in the global solar market such as ABB, Accumotive, Canadian SolarEnphase Energy, SOLARWATT &  Sonnen in SolarPower Europe’seu Task Force on Solar Storage whose aim is to influence market design reform by identifying and promoting policy guidelines which will be presented by the European Commissioneu in Brussels during 2016.

4/2016: Collisionus selects Masar among its top 40 ALPHA startups of 2016.

3/2016: Energy Weekfi selects Masar among its top 30 most promising energy startups of 2016.

2/2016: Masar sponsors Solar Power North Africaeg in Cairo and participates in Solaire Expo Marocma in Casablanca.

1/2016: Masar joins SolarPower Europeeu, the largest European solar industry association. The alliance is currently chairing the Global Solar Council launched at COP21 (click to read the official announcement).


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