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Masar is ushering a new era of smart energy & wireless access in the Middle East, Africa and the Global Sun Belt.


world csr congress 2017

3/2017: Masar joins the Alliance for Rural Electrificationin an industry-led alliance with a goal to provide energy to every human being by 2030.

2/2017: Masar wins Global Green Future Leadership Award at the Global Green Future Summitin in Mumbai.

1/2017: Masar joins the Maersk Global Acceleratordk in Copenhagen.

12/2016: Masar wins TEDxAmsterdamfi Award in Amsterdam.

11/2016: Masar joins the Telecom Infra Project along with Facebooknl, Intelnl, & T-Mobilede to accelerate the deployment of wireless access.

10/2016: Masar joins official Team Finlandfi ministerial delegation to Cairoeg representing the greenest country in the world.

9/2016: Masar delivers TBLI Nordicnl presentation at Nasdaq Stockholmse (watch video interview).

7-8/2016: Masar named among the top 5 Renewables & Storage startups at Shell Energy Festnlin Amsterdam.

6/2016: Masar Founder & CEO for 3rd time among entrepreneurs addressed by President Obama at the Global Entrepreneurship Summitnl in Silicon Valley.

ges 2016


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