Enabling the Sun Continent to be powered by the Sun

Our story began in Egypt

During summer 2014, Finnish-Egyptian serial entrepreneur Mo El-Fatatry visited Egypt after spending over a decade of his life abroad. The infrastructure was in a poor condition causing power blackouts on a daily basis. Such blackouts disrupted daily life and wasted a significant number of productive hours, which the country needed in order to improve its economy.

Envisioning the energy transition towards solar, Mo came up with an idea. 100 days later, Masar was selected as one of the top 10 smart energy ideas by Rockstart Accelerator 2015.Today Masar Smart Energy has extended market scope to the entire African continent. Why? Every year $15B is spent on off-grid diesel electricity in Africa to power 40GW of common services for businesses and villages. In addition, about 20% of Africa is electricity grid connected. The Masar Box offers a better way of powering the Sun continent.

Mo (Mohamed) El-Fatatry

Founder & CEO

The company was founded by award-winning serial entrepreneur Mo (Mohamed) El-Fatatry, who was awarded the “President of Finland’s Internationalization Award” by President Halonen, and was recognized by President Obamaat the “Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship” and King Mohammed VI at the “Global Summit on Entrepreneurship”. He was also named by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center among the world’s “500 Most Influential Muslims” three years in a row, by Chief Executive Magazine among its “Leaders of Tomorrow” and has accompanied President Ahtisaari to the “Nobel Peace Forum”.Prior to launching Masar, Mo was Founder & Chief Disruptor at Dixrupt, a company that specialized in identifying market opportunities ready for disruption, and launching products or services that accelerate their ongoing transformation. Since its founding, the company has served over 20 prestigious organizations such as Royal Bank of Canada (Wealth Management), Deloitte (Social Impact), Junior Chamber International (Growth Entrepreneurship); and has contributed its thought leadership to various international publications and conferences. You can read more about his journey in his biography: Mohamed 2.0 – Disruption Manifesto.

Masar is an alumni of Rockstart, GES, SPE, Climate-KIC, Maersk and TUAS


The Team

The Masar team is a unique mix of expertise - with extensive experience in the energy, technology and consultancy sectors plus a passion for doing good for people, the planet and our customers wallets.

Juha Saarinen

Board of Directors


Hany Aman

Board of Directors


Roeland Menger

Board of Advisors


Estee Chaikin

Business Development


Dr. Valtteri Kaartemo



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