A few of our achievements

March 2017

Masar joins the Alliance for Rural Electrification an industry-led alliance with a goal to provide energy to every human being by 2030.

February 2017

Masar wins Global Green Future Leadership Award at the Global Green Future Summit in Mumbai.

January 2017

Masar joins the Maersk Global Accelerator in Copenhagen.

December 2016

Winner TEDxAmsterdam Award in Amsterdam

November 2016

Official member of the Telecom Infra Project along with Facebook, Intel, & T-Mobile to accelerate the deployment of wireless access.

October 2016

Joined official Team Finland ministerial delegation to Cairo representing the greenest country in the world.

August 2016

Named among the top 5 Renewables & Storage startups at Shell Energy Fest in Amsterdam.

June 2016

Founder & CEO attendee of Global Entrepreneurship Summit addressed by President Obama in Silicon Valley.

August 2015

Masar founded during the Smart Energy Accelerator Rockstart.