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What is the Masar Box?

The Masar Box is a shipping container-based mobile solar power and storage unit providing 30-120kWh of solar power for 24 hours a day, to households and businesses, either stand alone or as an add-on for mini grids. The solar power unit is easy to ship, comes packaged with all components in one container. It is ready for operation within weeks of ordering and it can be set up within 60 minutes after a brief technical introduction to provide 24/7 grid-quality electricity and storage even in temperatures above 40 degrees C.

With every Masar Box we also offer:

Remote monitoring

Our remote management services give you a worry-free outsourced solution where you delegate the technical management and maintenance to us.


Masar can offer you the products on a financed basis, allowing you to pay in instalments over a period of up to five years.

Better off with Masar

If your business or community relies on diesel energy generation, we have done some quick maths to give you a snapshot of how this could help future-proof your world. Depending on the actual fuel cost when your Masar Box is delivered, the payback period is approximately 3-5 years.

Masar box benefits:

• 10x lower maintenance than diesel
• 100x more convenient than diesel
• Zero marginal cost of fuel
• 99% less diesel (for electricity)

Need to expand capacity of your mini-grid?

Up until now, the only possible off-grid, sustainable energy solution was mini grids. The development of these grids has grown rapidly, especially for the past years, but it still has proven difficult to make the numbers work. The Masar Box can easily plug-in to any mini-grid to help control operating costs, helping to scale your electricity requirements

What are the steps to getting a Masar Box?

From quote to Installation we are able to get your project using clean electricity in 6-8 weeks.

Traditionally with solar systems, installation time can take a few days and cause a bit of disruption. That’s why we focussed on building a quality product which can be delivered with all components built in and then plugged in after a quick briefing from the Masar team.

Here is what happens once we receive your enquiry:


Design + Production



Power of Partnerships

Industry leading technology combined to provide an intelligent, connected power station. We are pleased to team up with:

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